About Us

Tursan Kilit believes that safety and preservation are the most important values in human life, and as a starting point, it refers to the blending of service and skill.
It was founded in 1968 by Ahmet TURHAN. The philosophy that the quality, service and skill passed from the father to the sons are the foundation in Turkey.

Tursan Kilit safely maintains its leading position in the field with customer satisfaction both during service and after service. Tursan Kilit, as a brand that gives importance to quality in the field of lock systems, is a constant follower of the expectations and needs of users from all walks of life. It is expanding and renewing its service standarts in accordance with these demands.

Tursan Kilit offers perfect customer service with its expert staff, after-sales professional customer service, carefully built secure communication process and guarantee of satisfaction. The firm, whose name is found by those who demand trust and durability in addition to reasonable price and experience in their lives, has been devoting the production mentality which is the forerunner of the age for many years.

Our company manufactures under-shelf supporters and door hardware in various models, has come to today without compromising quality and customer satisfaction.